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Admissions Open for Jan 2016

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“Studying at RMI for the last year has been a great experience for me. Even now, I look forward to each week learning new and exciting techniques in the Multimedia Design degree course I am doing. It’s a place where I get to have fun while being creative, where I get to meet like-minded designers who give valuable feedback, and where I study under the professional guidance of talented lecturers”.

Aaron Khare, Multimedia Design

“Raffles Millennium International is regarded as one of the best design schools in Asia. It is the reputation and my love for design that made me join this institute. This design course has several modules, out of which I thoroughly enjoyed Creativity and Concept Development. This module included four reallyinteresting design projects.”

Akshita Mehra, Interior Design

“Raffles has helped me come out of my bubble and helped me explore the creative side in me. The environment here is great, like one big family, you can walk upto just about anyone and talk to them like you’ve known them forever and this includes the lecturers. Best decision I’ve made.”

Sanithra Raju, Interior Design

“Raffles Millennium International, Bangalore has given me an entirely new perspective to Graphic Design and the Visual Arts. Its excellent faculty and fully equipped campus provides all aspiring designers the perfect kickstart to their career.”

Mannat Sait, Graphic Design

“I have generally been a very confused person when it came down to choosing my specialization in the past!! Initially I thought I wanted to specialize in Journalism. I soon realized that, was not for me and decided to do a foundation course in design. I still could not seem to find something that I was passionate about! From Day 1, I have been very happy with my experience as an aspiring Raffles student and presently AS A RAFFLES STUDENT! The Staff, be it the Administration Department or the Academic Department, everyone has been more than welcoming and extremely helpful. The variety of courses that are offered here, cover many disciplines of design and are definitely of international standards. So, I finally love what I am doing! The college has an excellent atmosphere; it’s cheerful, bright and makes studying here well worth it! I finally seem to know where I am headed and feel very confident of myself. All thanks to Raffles Millennium International!!”

Pritika Shridhar, Fashion Design

“Studying at RMI was the best experience I could have ever had. Everyone on campus is extremely helpful. It's one of the most fun and cheerful places to be in. I was always motivated by lecturers to go one step higher. This course helped me figure out what I want to do with my career.”

Tanay Vohra, Product Design